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lettering on a truck used for business
  • Heavy truck & vehicle lettering
  • Storefront & real estate signs
  • Oilfield
  • Banners
  • Trade show
  • Hand-lettering & pinstriping

There are different choices of materials used in making signs, based on an interior vs. exterior application and how long you want the sign to last. There is no reason to pay for high-grade materials that will last many years outdoors if you require a sign that is only needed for a year or two. And on the other hand, if you pay for a sign which is supposed to give you many years of service, it should do exactly that.
    At Pete's we explain your options and stand behind our work.
    Extra effort is also given when preparing the surface of your vehicle, and all long-term digitally printed graphics are laminated for UV and abrasion protection.


Pricing in the sign industry is often based on the operating costs of the shop. At Pete's there is no minimum charge and no job too small.signs for oilfield and construction
    Whether you need a billboard to announce a future real estate development, or your kid's name brushed onto a bicycle helmet, prices here are fair and competitive.There are no hidden design costs or other surprises, and if by chance there is something about your finished sign that does not please you....we will make it right, but since starting up in 1984, the number of complaints regarding cost or workmanship remains at almost zero.

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