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HISTORY OF PETE'S SIGNS - Cochrane Alberta

Pete's Signs is operated by Pete Arnell, who started hand painting signs in a one-car garage back in 1984. In the beginning, shop equipment consisted of a few lettering stencils, an opaque projector, and a handful of paintbrushes. Layout was done mostly with letraset. Then it was projected onto painted board, sketched with a grease pencil, and hand-lettered with a suitable brush, and 1-shot sign enamel.

Erols and Napa Signs -  business truck lettering      Traditional sign painters eventually develope their own unique style of freehand lettering and script, and by the early 1990's Pete's was a popular destination for Calgary area drag racers and Stock Car drivers looking for custom lettering on their vehicles. The popular Top Alcohol “Showdown” Funny Car, operated by Calgary drag racing legends Bateman and Reynolds wore many signs sponsored by Pete's throughout the decade, and many hotrod builders have made the trip to Pete's for display signs used at custom car shows. Everything was hand painted for the first 5 years, then a computer was added to the shop around 1990 for automated cutting of vinyl lettering. Pete's reputation grew as a provider of attractive signage at a reasonable cost. Many local real estate agents became loyal customers, as did home builders, contractors, and developers.
Texas Gate Sign

     There have been many locations over the years. Currently Pete's Signs is home-based, working in a space outside of Cochrane, Alberta. As always, the shop is relaxed and friendly just as a small-town shop should be. Referrals from satisfied customers has been the main form of advertising since the beginning.

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